TLDR; News Photojournalist -> Burnt out News Photojournalist -> Fledgling Coder -> Quit Old Job -> Code Camp (The Iron Yard) -> Professional Coder :)

I first began to code when my roommate showed me she was working on javascript at freeCodeCamp.com. I was hooked immediately, and began to teach myself on days I was not running around the city with a camera and reporter.

When my burnout with the News had reached its peak, I looked to coding as a possible out. I knew I needed a serious routine to get good, and found a code camp near me. Impulsive decisions were made, and I quit my job to do code school full time. Six or seven months of nonstop work later, I landed my first professional, full time job.

Im mainly a javascript guy, but I've played in Rust, Python, CircuitPython and a lil bit of C++. I still find time to code dumb light things when I'm not working, though I find that balance hard to nail down. I don't want to burn myself out.